“I've waited a long time to show these flowers how

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She was throwing things around, yelling about spoons. I snapped when she kept mishearing me, and she screamed at me for yelling at her. She then turned utterly malicious. Utterly. Malicious.
I am glad for the invitation to move to Geelong.

I feel lovely. If I feel lovely, I think that makes me lovely, because my nice feelings are overflowing.


I want to boop that little nosie!

I want house-bunnies. I would love to wake up to a twitching nose in my face.

Papi made a joke today while I was popping popcorn - some of it went down my sweater and he said that my boyfriend should retrieve it. My facial expression was “D:<” for about 15 minutes afterwards.
I… am dreading the safe-sex-talk that will undoubtedly come. I’m effing 21. I will be studying CHILDBIRTH and I have a sinking feeling he’s still going to give me condoms for a going-away-to-the-US gift.
I am not joking.

Papa told me today that he finds everything I do to be fascinating, since I’m his daughter and he adores me completely and utterly. He said he wants to know what I’m doing and thinking so he can help me or protect me.
He was talking about how I’m trying to return to nursing, and got quite choked up in proudness. 


why are we NOT talking about how well-mannered pyro is? just look at em’
what a cutie


why are we NOT talking about how well-mannered pyro is? just look at em’

what a cutie

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Tuna and salad wraps with black Tetley tea… it’s the simple things in life.

In the space of the last 6 hours, I have… gained a heck of a lot of positivity. Someone asked me something that made me super-duper happy, and it was really unexpected.  SUPER-DUPER! ♥