“I've waited a long time to show these flowers how

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Pretty much sums up how I felt when my boyfriend gave me a Balloonicorn.

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As I throw myself deeper into compassionate thinking, I distance myself further from meat.
I didn’t intend on this, but I am glad.

I asked someone for advice, someone I don’t see eye-to-eye with (but maintain a cordial relationship with, regardless) and got an answer I dislike.
There’s a lesson to be learned here.


So one time my dad bought a skeleton for Halloween, and one day he decided to place it in the kitchen to scare me and it went too far…

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Being an adult involves more than just being ever the age of 18.


This isn’t me trying to defend cops and their actions.

This is me, as a person suffering from a disillusionment from humanity, with all this fucking bullshit going on, trying to give back some hope.

This is great. Not all cops are assholes - it’s the minority that give the rest a bad name - the rest continually try do some good in the world.

I don’t like asking for things, but if ever there was something to ask for - this is it. Even sharing it around would help - the more that people see it, the bigger a chance I have.


Flights via a reputable company are on sale, and I just broke down and cried… and cried… and cried.
I’m swallowing my pride, and I should have done it months ago.

I haven’t had Tumblr work properly on my desktop, for months. I can sometimes load it… mostly not.

I am therefore extremely happy that it is working on my phone. I do love the site, because I can indulge in viewing exactly as I please, with minimal drama.
I like the simplicity of the site.
I want to re-do my page but I don’t know how that will work on my phone. Alas.